The Seasoned Spoon’s fare is sourced, wherever possible, from food grown and processed in our bio-region. We strive to source from certified organic, 'transitionally organic' or ecological farms.

One of our most important producers and partners is the Trent Vegetable Gardens.  The Trent Vegetable Gardens is another levy group at Trent University. They manage two ecological garden sites and a community garden. They also offer a variety of educational and experiential learning opportunities including workshops, student research projects, and volunteer programming.

The Trent Gardens are a space where students and community members can reconnect to the source of their food, get engaged in food system issues, and gain hands-on experience in vegetable cultivation. Our partnership with the gardens completes a field to table campus food system at Trent University. This closed-loop food system is a working demonstration of a sustainable food system model and provides campus-grown foods to students and community members, and provides opportunities for learning and growth–all the way from seed to fork.

Food that is not available locally, such as rice or lentils, is ordered from the Ontario Natural Food Company and Mountain Path. Both companies offer products that are certified organic from companies that operate within Ontario. We follow our food sourcing principles and policy to the best of our ability. Download our sourcing policy to read our sourcing priorities and principles.

Our Suppliers and Producers


Download Our Sourcing Policy: