Seasoned Spoon Mission Statement:

To grow a regional food system that is sustainable, inclusive and just.


Seasoned Spoon Mandate: The Seasoned Spoon Café is committed to the following principles.


1) Serve ethically sourced, fairly traded, locally or organically grown foods that meet diverse dietary needs.

2) Be structured as a cooperative and be accountable to our members.

3) Be a student and community-driven, not for profit, social enterprise.

4) Increase awareness, encourage advocacy and inspire action around food issues through education and by fostering active debate.

5) Offer learning opportunities through paid and volunteer positions, community based research, and educational programming.

6) Maintain the Café as a food commons at Trent University and encourage the development of other community food spaces.

7) To strengthen the Peterborough food system and to promote food justice within our community.