Student Research Projects at the Spoon
The Seasoned Spoon offers innovative research opportunities for students in partnership with the Trent Community Research Centre. Engaging in academic research allows the Spoon to answer relevant questions which improve our organization and programming, while students gain academic credit as well as first-hand research and career related experience through working with a local, community-based organization. 
The Spoon proposes areas for research and the TCRC works to connect us with students, researchers or professors in order to answer these questions and objectives using credible research methods. The TCRC works with many different organizations in this capacity, connecting interested researchers, academic courses and departments with a variety of local organizations, resulting in experiential learning opportunities for students, quality research for organizations and a tool for direct community action.
Students can get involved in a community-based research project by contacting us or the TCRC directly, enrolling in a course that already partners with the TCRC, or enrolling in an independent community based research course. To be eligible to participate in a community based research project, Students need to have completed the equivalent of 10.0 University credits and have maintained a cumulative average of 75%. 
Community Research